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Victory Reports

Read the testimonies of DLS students, alumni, partners, supporters and friends of Lifeline who glorifies God, as He had delivered them out of test and trials, who is now overcomers in Christ.

We have Victories through Jesus!

All Glory To God!

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Submitted by Phoebe Gan on 30 November 2012 2:42:12 AM
I praise God for Deeper Life Courses. I deeply thank Dr. Vernon & Dr. Margareth Falls for thier Holy Spirit led teaching. The teaching has helped me to transform spiritually. I thank all my teachers in DLS 1. God has used them to give us great impartations. I will continue with my daily devotion to grow continuosly. During this course I was able to get 3 souls saved by His grace. Once again thank you for the wonderful and powerful teaching Dr. Vernon & Dr. Margareth Falls.  
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