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In an effort to assist the dire social needs of it’s members and community at large Lifeline has several ministries to the poor. The ministry offers education sponsorship up to the university level for the orphans and underprivileged young people.

At times the church takes full charge of individuals whose lives have been miraculously changed by our Lord Jesus Christ as in the case of this wonderful Sister Adolphine.

Adolphine was mentally drenched for many years. She used to live on the streets, ate dung or scrap food and walked miles going to no specific destination talking to herself, with no one to care for her needs.

Today, she has been completely restored by the Lord Jesus Christ! All glory to Jesus! She is now devoted to prayer and to the ministry of reconciliation.

In her own words: “When I can say about the ministry of Ps. Kala is that it is a miracle ministry because I am truly touched by his obedience to God in coming back to Congo from the USA to serve Him. I have been gracefully and miraculously saved and healed by his ministry.”

“This has been a great impact in my life. I can say I am totally healed today. I used to be crazy, really crazy, I used to walk 500 KM without food, starving. One day Ps. Kala took me off the streets and took care of me. When I have no money to take care of myself, Lifeline has completely taking care of me.”

We praise God and give Him glory! 


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Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

3 JOHN 2





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