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Sower's Testimonies


I started a new job last January. In March, the boss told all the managers that everybody’s salary would be deducted by 10% because the business was not doing well. Because of the salary reduction, I started to look for a new job. The boss called me over and asked if there’s something bothering me. I said yes, but before I could finish, the boss said he would increase my salary by 20%. That means, when others were reduced by 10% I got a raise of 20%. Truly, that’s His favour!

I am the sole bread winner for family as my wife has been a full time homemaker for the past 2 years. So, I said to God, “this is still not enough.” When my 6 months probation came due, the boss asked me how much salary I want. He asked me to write it down. I wrote down and he said ok! That meant after a 20% raise, I got another 40% raise. My monthly salary now is more than NT$100,000. If you dare to ask from God, it will be yours! All glory to God! Ask big of Him!! Praise God!

Brother Mars Lin (Taiwan) 



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