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Creative Arts


Heavenly Movement School of Dance was formed in 1997 under the advisory of Dr. Margareth Falls.

The objective of the School of Dance is to dance unto the Lord;

“Let them praise His name in the dance,”

Psalm 149 : 3


“Praise Him with the timbrel and dance."

Psalm 150 : 4

The uniqueness of the Heavenly Movement Dancers is the choreography of the dance. Each performance is choreographed to glorify God.

The message that is expressed in the song and movements is to give attention to the Lord.

When the dancers dance unto the Lord, the anointing of God falls, the gifts of healings are manifested, as the dancers give glory to the Lord, and people are touched and healed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Heavenly Movement Dancers perform at various Lifeline, Body of Christ and evangelistic functions.

Apart from the dance, the school also caters for workout, exercise and tambourine classes.

Classes are open to adults and children alike. Time and duration of classes are scheduled at various times.



Initially, the Miracle Healing Choir was formed only during the Deeper Life Seminars school term to perform at the Miracle Healing Service.

In later years the Choir also performs in various Lifeline functions and as an evangelistic tool performs outside to reach out to the public with the gospel message.

It is not unusual when the Choir sings unto the Lord, the miracle healing anointing of God falls and the gifts of healings are in operation, and the people are touched and healed by the power of the Holy Spirit. All Glory To Jesus.







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