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Radio Stations and Radio Programs

First of all radio is mass media communications that reaches millions of people. Most people in the world have access to radios in their homes. Radios have been called “portable missionaries” because they can reach every place even where there is no electricity. If you are from a TV culture sometimes it’s hard to see the value of radio. Our station is located in Iquitos, Peru, in the heart of the Amazon Jungle. The only access to these areas is by boat or seaplane.

The majority of the people in this region, which comprises Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Brazil, don’t have TV but they do have radio. Most of the towns and villages are in the middle of the jungle where there is no electricity. Some towns have generators to produce electricity for short periods of one hour to twelve hours a day. Many of them have electricity there only for certain times of the day. However, they do have batteries for their radios.

Thousands of people get saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed, delivered and taught the Word of God through the radio every day. The radio programs are our programs, aired 24 hours a day without advertisements. It is our vision to build and own radio stations all over the world. We will broadcast programs in numerous languages.

The far-reaching results include fulfilling the Great Commission, equipping the saints, ministry, growth and multiplication among other things. We are currently involved in radio joint ventures with International Missions Fellowship in Peru, Honduras, and the Philippines. We thank you for your support and prayers concerning these projects. The Lord has truly given us a golden opportunity to reap a great harvest of souls and reach billions for the kingdom of God.

TV Ministry

Television is an excellent opportunity to win souls to the kingdom and to teach and train believers in the Word of God. We are currently producing our weekly TV programmes called, IT'S A NEW DAY! The scope of the broadcast from the UK is to all of EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST, WEST ASIA and parts of NORTH AFRICA. IT'S A NEW DAY! is a great tool to win souls, heal the sick, teach and train believers and to share the love of Jesus throughout the world. The programmes, on a satellite entertainment channel, enable us to reach over a billion people.



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