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The Founders


REVEREND DR. VERNON FALLS is Founder and President of Lifeline International Ministries.

He is the Senior Pastor and Director of Lifeline International Christian Fellowship and Lifeline International School of Ministry, California, USA.

Reverend Dr. Vernon Falls is also an Overseer, Director and Associate Pastor with a number of Churches, Christian Ministries, Educational Institutions and Corporations around the world. The Lord has given Brother Vernon an unique apostolic, prophetic, teaching, and miracle healing ministry with mighty signs, wonders and miracles that give glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord has sent Brother Vernon to over 100 nations of the world teaching, training and activating pastors, ministers, leaders and believers.

The Lord has also given Brother Vernon a special commission to train believers in the Word of God, especially on how to walk by faith, how to have and maintain an intimate relationship with Jesus, how to discover and develop one’s gifts and callings, and to flow in the power of the Holy Spirit.

It is common to experience the manifestation of the reality and compassion of Jesus as well as the ministry of Angels in all of Brother Vernon’s meetings.

The signs of an apostle are evident as the blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb speak, the cripple walk, the oppressed and demon possessed are set free. People are instantly healed of all kinds of sicknesses and diseases as the very tangible presence of the Holy Spirit is in operation during the meetings.

Reverend Dr. Vernon Falls has over 40 years of proven ministerial service.



REVEREND DR. MARGARETH FALLS is Co-Founder and Director of Lifeline International Ministries.

She is the Pastor and Director of Lifeline International Christian Fellowship and Lifeline International School of Ministry, Pasadena California, USA.

The Lord has given to Sister Margareth a very sharp and unique prophetic ministry. As a Seer, the visions and words that she receives from the Lord brings humor, joy, breakthrough, comfort, renewal and new sense of direction.

Through the gift of special faith that is manifested through her ministry, tremendous financial breakthroughs, blessings, miracles, healings and the purpose of God is released into the lives of people.

She operates in the similar miracle healing ministry as her husband, Reverend Dr. Vernon Falls. The Lord has also given her an unique teaching ministry that teaches people the how to’s.

She has ministered all over the world and travels extensively with her husband, as they bring the love of Jesus to the nations of the world.

Reverend Margareth Falls has over 35 years of proven ministerial service.



REVEREND MAKIESE KALA is Co-Founder of Lifeline International Ministries and Founder of Lifeline International Ministries, Democratic Republic of Congo.

As an engineering student at California Polythechnic University, Pomana, Ca., his desire was always to return to his native country, the DRC, and be an engineer and help his nation grow.

However, the Lord had a different plan when he met Rev. Dr. Vernon Falls and he was led by the Lord to help to co-found Lifeline International Ministries.

He returned to the Congo, not as an engineer but as a pastor pioneering churches, schools and ministries all over the Congo. “Neither are your ways My ways saith the Lord.” Isaiah 55: 11

The Lord has used Brother Kala mightily with signs in the office of the apostle.

Through his ministry tens of thousands have been taught and trained, churches planted, the poor hear the gospel and Christian schools have been established in the war torn nation of the DRC.

Brother Kala’s wife, Sister Collette, is a tremendous blessing not only to him, but also to the ministry as she cares for him and their five children, and also works side by side and, pastors and oversees with him in the ministry.

Reverend Makiese Kala has over 35 years of proven ministerial service.



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