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Our God is an Awesome God!

The recent Miracle Healing Service held on May 27th, 2017,  witnessed the power of  God
in operation. Greaaaat miracles, healings and breakthroughs took place in the lives of many
who came that day. All Glory to God! 



Prior to the meeting, all the current students, volunteers and alumni came together to
prepare in prayer to get ready for their duties for meeting in the later part of the evening.    
Thank you all for your prayers, time and willingness to serve God in this Miracle Healing



The meeting began with praise and worship. Then followed by a wonderful performance by the Miracle Healing Choir.  


Ps. Vernon gave the opportunity to the people to come forward to receive Jesus as their
Lord and Saviour. They were also filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in other tongues. 


People came to testify what God has done for them during the Miracle Healing Service.
Below are the testimonies  shared during that evening.  Everyone who came  that evening
experienced God's goodness in one way or another. We give all glory, honour, power and
praises to God!! 

This boy  was not able to kneel down after he fell and got hurt on his knee. Now, he is able to kneel down,

 Praise the Lord !!

He had a high fever and all his bones were aching but after the Miracle prayer it was all gone. Glory to God!!
She was set free from pain on her right arm.
She had arthritis in her knee for many years and now she is healed!!!
This young boy had been suffering from sinus problem but now he is heal.
Thank you Jesus!!!



There are various ways to be healed, as such, one of the way God heals is through the anointed materials. Many of them brought cloths, oil and other materials to be anointed by Ps. Vernon Falls according to Acts 19:11-12. Many were healed in the past using this anointed materials.  And many are still experiencing great breakthroughs in various  area of their lives and not just physical healing.God, out His love for us, uses His own method to touch people as He please. All Glory to God!


  Click here to watch the healing testimonies shared by some of them who got healed 



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Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

3 JOHN 2





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