Praying For Healing, Gifts, Finances, Businesses & Other Blessings

Deeper Life Short Bytes By Dr. Vernon Falls

In this video you will experience a Holy Spirit time with Dr. Vernon Falls... Hear the prayers prayed for you by Dr. Vernon in this video and receive it for yourself. As you receive, believe it is happening for you now. For faith is now! The anointing released will permeate your environment as the Holy Spirit is not bound by distance or borders. Share it with family and friends who need this prayer. Have a blessed time with the Lord in Jesus name. 


By Dr. Vernon Falls's Videos

You Have A Harvest!
Added on 02/05/2020
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Power Of Praise Part 4
Added on 19/10/2012
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Power Of Praise Part 3
Added on 07/10/2012
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Power Of Praise Part 2
Added on 27/09/2012
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Power Of Praise Part 1
Added on 20/09/2012
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